Hello! I am Nikki Robbins, and I am not only the content creator for this blog page, I am also the founder and owner of Nikki's Plumbing Company. As well as the Master Plumber license holder. I hold license number RMP-36149. I have held this license  since 2002, even though I started the business in 1999. I have a wide range of plumbing knowledge and adapt very well to the new technologies that our industry produces seemingly faster and faster these days. Over the coming days, weeks, months and years, I will be sharing what my company is doing to help you, the home or business owner overcome your plumbing challenges, or that addition you want to make to your home;  be it adding a heated bidet toilet seat, or a new touchfree kitchen faucet or even adding a whole new bathroom, to just making the ones you have work properly again. Please feel free to add a comment or question or click or call for an appointment.

Nikki October 8, 2020

Nikki's Plumbing Company